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The golden ratio is also called the golden spiral or the golden section whatever you called that Mathematicians since Euclid have studied the properties of it; it has been used to analyze the proportions of natural objects as well as man-made systems. The golden ratio appears in some patterns in nature, including the spiral arrangement of leaves and other plant parts.

Since we have experienced some of difficulties during the couple of months, we would like to write an information about that.

As you know, the world has been going through very hard days because of the pandemic, and before that there are also some difficulties such as political or economical wars and also real wars.

Every country has different stories and problems so our country too. Maybe you are aware of that there are some issues with political and economical situations in our country and also with relations with other countries.

We would like you to know that there are many of great people such as architects, artists, scientists, musicians, journalists even students who make modern and magnificent works in our country. And they are trying to do their best in this chaos.

May be it is difficult for you but we would like you do not involve political views or thoughts in all kind of artworks i.e. architecture, art, science or music.

Thank you,

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