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In fluid dynamics, wind waves, or wind-generated waves, are water surface waves that occur on the free surface of bodies of water. They result from the wind blowing over a fluid surface. Waves directly generated and affected by local waters or wind wave system and the result of the forms are amazing.

We love all curves of the natures. So Volya Seat has been inspired by the concave convex surfaces in the nature. We have tried to make a balance between concave and convex surfaces like a yin and yang.

Nüvist is one of the manufacturers of Sports Direct’s New London Offices by Penson. The project also nominated for Archdaily building of the year 2021 awards.

The Architecture and Interior Design Studio whose visionary projects include new hospitality brand JO&JOE and Google’s UK HQ has turned its expertise to Sports Direct International’s new London offices. Penson has created a unique interior experience over four floors, designed to promote a retail connection in an inspiring and sleek environment. The London office sits above its newly opened luxury Flannels’ flagship store in Oxford Street and has been designed to spearhead the elevation of the group, bringing together the creative teams across Sports Direct International Plc.

Penson has also holistically integrated tech, flexibility, furniture procurement, health at work strategies and internal brand messaging. ‘Living above the shop’ on Oxford Street gives the Sports Direct Group staff a physical connection to their customers and ensures they remain firmly on the retail pulse. Reception sets the tone of the HQ with a striking entrance façade, bespoke reception desk, hints of sleek red detailing and monochromatic surfaces. Polished and raw concrete walls, white gloss floors and digital screens give the open plan workspaces a minimalistic studio feel. Photos & Text description provided by Penson

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