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There are lines everywhere. Jupiter's ring and comet tails are visible in space. With trees and flowers in the background. In the water, with the waves, and even with the calligraphies created by humans. We were motivated by calligraphic lines and tried to turn them into a three-dimensional functional shape.

As a result, we've designed a calligraphic loop line we've named loop signature. Then we used some design manipulations to add functionality to key areas like the sitting section and the leg rest. We also wanted to provide both context and usefulness. There is no front or back to this design since there is no starting or finishing point for a loop. This simply means that you can sit on both the front and rear sides.

It's designed for everyday use, but it's also great for events like conferences, bars, and kitchens, as well as standing desks that just need leaning or even just for a coffee table.

The dynamics of vortices are a significant idea and source of inspiration for the Puchina high table. The motions and flows of the vortices have defined the form of the table. These dynamic circulation notions have been translated into a real product design.

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