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Indoors & Outdoors

239x123x30 cm

Vesna Lounge Sofa

We have striven to create the ultimate relaxation gateway for a seating design and we designed a swivel and flexuous uniform which is simple, stylish, modern curvy form and it is designed to bring comfort and pleasure to your life. Vesna Sofa is not only an eye-catching modern piece of furniture, it is literary the embodiment of comfort, pleasure and relaxation.

It is comfortable in any living places, offices, houses, hotels, airport, exhibitions and also open places like terraces, fairs or beaches. Fluid uniform of Vesna Lounge Sofa integrates with high tech modern materials and also classical materials like leather or velvet. Vesna Sofa is designed in order to make you feel snug and comfy and it is practically asking you to take a moment and sit or lie down and feel it. We think that it’s pretty irresistible.

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